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Chimchi*(left) and Barry(right) blocking their V's.


"Don't make me remove you!"


Barry Butch Burton is one of the three founders of the V Club. He, Chimchi*, and Bubblez developed and built the V-Club at M.L.K. Middle School In Oceanside, California. His real name is Kevin Tomasiak.


Barry is the Head-V and is level 99 He is the leader of the V-Club and can remove anyone's V.


Bubblez, Chimchi*, and Confetti.


Birdthing/lady, Manthing, Gay Guys, Bi Men, and Kevin Hernadez.


V-Outfit #1- Monster energy shirt with shorts, shoes are black and purple vulcanized vans with neon green shoelaces

V-Outfit #2- red flannel shirt with t shirt and shorts shoes are black and purple vulcanized vans with neon green shoelaces V-Abilities

V-Remove Pistol-learned at level 1 but needs master abilities learned

V-Shooter-Learned at level 10

V-Remove Shotgun-learned at level 20

V-Remove Magnum-learned at level 30

V-Remove RPG- learned at level 40

V-Protection(Maximum Protection)-learned at level 99

V-Recovery-Learned at level 25

V great-sword- accesed only when You are V leader, does intant de-v and is the most power of all V weapons



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