Me edited


"Don't make me attack you!?"


A V-member that uses his largeness to attack. He joined, because Chimchi* introduced him to the V-Club.


Bubba is a V-Warrior of the V-Club.


Barry Butch Burton, Bubblez, Chimchi*, and Confetti.


His dad and mother.


V-Outfit #1- Wears black shorts and an Element shirt. Shoes are black vans.

V-Outfit #2 Wears blue pants and a Vox Shirt. Shoes are black vans.


V-Bubba Roar- Learned at level 1
V-Bubba Belly Flop- Learned at level 12

V-Bubba Belly Whip- Learned at level 23

V-Bubba Belly Laser- Learned at level 31

V-Bubba Earthquake- Learned at level 37

V-Bubba Sit Attack- Learned at level 41

V-Bubba Belly Drums- Learned at level 45

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