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Born 2/25/1996 Chimchi* is one of the three founders of the V Club. He, Barry, and Bubblez developed and built the V-Club at M.L.K. Middle School In Oceanside, California. His real name is Hakim Mohamed.


Chimchi* is one of the Elite V's. He is second in command of the V-Club.


Barry Butch Burton, Bubblez, and Confetti.


His only personal enemy are goats and lambs.


V-Outfit #1- Wears all black pants and a black Misfits shirt. Shoes are black converse with black shoelaces.

V-Outfit #2 Wears black pants and an Aiden Band Shirt. Shoes are black converse with black shoelaces.


V-Blast - Learned at level 5

V-Shot - Learned at level 10

V-Super Blast- Learned at level 15

V-Focused Shot- Learned at level 20

Bao V-Shooter- Learned at level 26

V-Destroyer- Learned at level 30

V-Slicer- Learned at level 35

V-Killer- Learned at level 40

V- Protection Learned at level 44



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