Head-V--------Must be the heir to the next Head-V or the leader.

Elite-V----------Must be loyal to the V-Club for long time and done many things for the V-Club.

Chief-V---------Must be loyal to the V-Club for a decent amount of time and done things for the V-Club.

V-Member------Trains with other V's to get to a higher rank.

Peasant-V----Done one thing for the V-Club.

V-In Training------Be part of the V-Club.

Special V's

Warrior-V-----Must be big, large and at least a V-Member

Hybrid----Be able to use Gay and V Attacks.

V-Scholar-----Be at least a V-Member and is a teacher to two V's.

V-Licker-----Must be at least a V-member and has licked a V.

V-Remover---Must be able to remove V's. Only grantable by Head-V's.

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